A New Year to Create, Cultivate and Celebrate

How will you be intentional to create, cultivate and celebrate in your home?


  • Organize an art corner where ingenious minds can create.
  • Refresh art supplies. Introduce a new medium.
  • Bind last year's art masterpieces creating a portfolio to celebrate progress and change. 
  • Offer new tools to cultivate life learning --protractors, microscopes, compasses, templates, 3-hole punches, staplers, balance scales
  • Use New Year savings offered by digital scrapbook companies to create a family memory book where accomplishments and memorable favorites can be celebrated...TOGETHER!
  • Provide blank books to budding authors and illustrators. Cultivate the need to create! 
  • Say "yes" to requests for household trinkets and treasures. They may just be the next patent in the making. 
  • Purchase a personal bookcase to fit bedside the contagious reader. 
  • Read to the emergent reader eager to build fluency. Celebrate the sentence read and the chapter completed!
  • Post a black-out list where newly mastered multiplication facts can be crossed off.
  • Champion ideas and celebrate milestones.