My Mama Heart

Celebrating Simple.

What does a mama heart post have to do with celebrating simple to teach profound truths?

Mamas around the world walk with children and young adults through life-changing circumstances and decisions. Some mamas are more hands-on than off. Other mamas walk alongside, listening. In some situations mamas sit with head and hands pondering how to help. Often the only thing we mamas know to do is pray. Simple! 

Pray. Seems like a simple, pat answer especially when a child, young or adult is looking for an answer, hanging on the cusp of a pivotal time, a decision which changes everything. As mamas we want more, something concrete, something we can offer to cling to. At least I have. 

We, I and family members, have prayed for months, taken next steps toward something beyond our young adult's grasp, beyond our ability to "make it happen". The efforts, intentionally and action, were ours, but the answers were not. 

I wanted, as a mama, to make it happen. I couldn't. All I could do was a simple act. Pray. 

Today a phone call came.

The first indication that events are unfolding. We are seeing answers, our family, my young adult and I, the mama. And, my heart? It's full. 

Not because of something I controlled. I hadn't the power to make "it" happen. 

The only power I had was to pray. And, let God do the work. 

So, I am celebrating the simple today.

Simple prayers lifted daily. Profound truth reminded. 

Let God do His work.

And, us?

We do ours even if it seems way too simple.