Multiplication Turkeys

Multiplication can be tough. In fact, I get frequent inquiries requesting fresh methods and fun ways  to teach, learn and memorize the facts often associated with, "I had such trouble with these when I was in school." 

This week one of my little learners was laboring over the "harder facts". As we worked together it became evident she needed work on most of her 7s. 

She had an idea! Having seen a counting turkey online, she felt it could be modified "to be more colorful, more helpful."

Love their creative, problem solving minds. 

"Let's take a paper plate and fold it in half. Then, you know all that colored paper out on the art shelf? I will cut colored feathers out of paper. Then, on each feather could you write the facts for 7s? I will put a craft stick on the bottom so I can hold it like a puppet. Then, I can hold it up and read the facts over and over. I will learn them that way!"

Going on her lead, I gave her the high five and she was off to create, and master!

And she did!

Every day she held up the Times Table Turkey (sometimes a catchy name is all little learners need to be encouraged!), set the timer for two minutes and said the 7s aloud. There was visual and auditory reinforcement to her learning.  

Have younger learners excited and eager to have a learning turkey, too?

We did! Littlest learner colored her turkey plate and made a face on the head. She wanted numbers 1-10. Another learner decided to count by 500s! In the end, three learners, three turkeys! Learning together, and excited!

The Times Table Turkey had multiplied from just learning facts to solving problems, sharing ideas and sibling relationship building.

Mastered? Yes, and much more!