"Let's Get the Microscope!"

"Mom, look what I found!"

"Let's get the microscope!"

"Let's see what else we can find!"

"These are so cool!"

"Let's put these in baggies to save with the rest of our specimens."

(Interject mom: "Let the rolly polly go outside!")

High school student enters the conversation.

"Hey, I just studied feathers in biology! I wonder if you can see the hooks?"

Littles, curious, wonder. 

"Let's see!"


"Get the camera! I bet we can take a picture of this!"

And so goes the morning of learning. 

Three littles, one microscope + a high schooler + a camera = wonder, curiosity and learning.

Brock Magiscope Model #70

The Brock Magiscope hails as a Parent's Choice Award winner and is made in the United States.

Magnify whole specimens. No slide preparation needed.

  • Solid cast aluminum body
  • Tempered brass focus
  • Built-in patented Lumarod light source, no need for adjustment or maintenance 
  • Fine adjustment ramp
  • Solid and sturdy for little learners
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for science study at a table or on location (beach, forest, backyard or other venue)

This model offers 20x total magnification with  a  4x achromatic objective and a 5x eyepiece. 

Other lenses can be purchased directly from Brock. 

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