More than Credits


More than Credits

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Do you feel the weight of high school—the courses, the requirements, the credits—and question whether your young adult will be prepared with the skills needed for life?

Cheryl Bastian, twenty-six year veteran homeschooler, mother of eight, and educational consultant designed More than Credits: Skills High Schoolers Need for Life, a ready-to-use guide parents can reference as they walk alongside their teens and young adults through five personal development credits

  • Nutrition and Wellness,

  • Personal Fitness,

  • Personal Awareness and Career Exploration,

  • Philosophy, and

  • Personal Finance.

Each course intentionally prepares learners to be future-ready while gaining a better understanding of who they are and what they believe. In addition, they will discover how they can use their unique giftings and strengths to add value and contribute to their communities or workplace. Content offers

  • practical skill acquisition through personalized project-based learning,

  • experiential opportunities,

  • related literature and writing suggestions, and

  • meaningful discussion topics and questions.

High school is more than checking boxes and meeting requirements. It’s about young adults being equipped with the skill sets and emotional intelligence necessary for life beyond graduation. 


Author bio

Cheryl A. Bastian has celebrated high school and turned the tassel with the oldest three (and soon to be four) of her eight children. Thrilled by the experience of helping her children discover who they are and how they bring value to their communities of influence, Cheryl enthusiastically encourages parents to delight in and embrace the uniqueness of their children. Knowing courses, grades, and credits can be intimidating; she understands the importance of being empowered with accurate information and walking confidently through the high school process. She hopes parents will join her as she continues the journey with her remaining children. Cheryl is a popular speaker, author, and homeschool evaluator-consultant. Additional resources are available at