Math Adventures with Snowflakes


The activities in this unit offer opportunities for multi-sensory learning across all   content areas while primarily focusing on math skills. In this unit, children will: investigate the history of the scientific study of snowflakes completed by Wilson Bentley, listen to a story, observe ice crystals, identify and draw six-sided shapes—hexagons, refine motor skills, identify lines of symmetry and symmetrical shapes, identify symmetrical objects, practice short term memory skills, and identify and complete patterns. 

Use a copy of Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, a snowflake blank book, and foam snowflakes to extend the study and take learning off the page!





Ending Ys make different sounds. Use this printable to take the Tricky Y concept off the page. Place learning in the hands of little learners. 




Children use paper mice and objects to learn position--prepositions. 

Daily Log

Daily Log.jpg

Match A Shape



A printable daily log for recording learning activities. 





Use this unit of master shape concepts.