Geometry: A Month of Math


Geometry: A Month of Math


Purposeful multi-sensory everyday geometry experiences for preschool through second grade learners.

Concepts covered:

  • Week 1 - Circles, Spheres and Cylinders
  • Week 2 - Squares, Cubes and Rectangular Prisms
  • Week 3 - Triangles, Cones and Triangular Prisms
  • Week 4 - Unusual Shapes and Shape Review

Activities to:

  • nurture curiosity, purposefully
  • invite questions, intentionally
  • engage higher-level thinking, thoughtfully
  • develop math skills, naturally
  • apply understanding, relevantly

Math can be daunting. Numbers to add. Shapes to compare. Symbols to read. Multi-sensory, experiential opportunities help math be applicable, useful, helpful. Children--given practical everyday experiences--can understand and enjoy math because it is familiar, common, planted in life. 

A Month of Math series teaches young children mathematical concepts through real experiences and life application. The series is designed to complement a child's math program, taking numbers, shapes and symbols off the page and putting them into the hands of children, enabling them to learn by listening, saying and doing. 

Numbers, shapes and symbols do not have to be associated with tension and frustration. Math can be natural and applicable, not artificial and irrelevant.  

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