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Want to teach math while preparing food? Read Cheryl's article, originally published in The Old Schoolhouse, reprinted at Crosswalk homeschool.

Cheryl's Book

Flip 3 Pancakes With 1 Spatula

  • 85 Recipes
  • Hundreds of Add-on Activities for Extending Concepts to all Content Areas
  • Extensive Math-related Booklist Organized by Concept

Flip 3 Pancakes With 1 Spatula  is spiral bound for practical use in the kitchen and on book quests in the library.  Each lesson is presented in an  easy-to-read format.  Add-on activities are symbolized according to  content area for quick reference.

How do you do it all? 

Having six children, ages 19 to 2, I am frequently asked this question.  My answer is often as multi-faceted as my life is multi-tasked.  Flip 3 Pancakes is the long answer to how I flip many pancakes with one spatula. More specifically, how I teach math and extend lessons to language, social studies, science and life skills, while preparing meals.  Immersing my children in learning, engaging their senses and applying skills to life has helped them digest what is presented, internalizing the concepts.  In the end, my children have enjoyed eating what they learned.

The kitchen is a living laboratory, demanding curiosity.  Cups of water and corn syrup can be measured, heated and transformed into one pound of hard candy.  The circular circumference of a pizza can be measured, baked and cut into fractional parts.  Cylinders and rectangular prisms sit comfortably on the pantry shelf waiting to be sorted, counted and stacked in geometric sculpture.  Children love to experience and experiment with these math wonders.  When a child’s desire to help is tapped, math skills and life skills can be taught and will be remembered because of the natural inquisitiveness which saturates the kitchen.  Children love the kitchen, a perfect place to be immersed in math.

The 85 recipes and additional add-on activities in Flip 3 Pancakes With 1 Spatula have been selected based on the frameworks of mathematical concepts taught to young children between the ages of four and eight.  Concrete in their thinking and relational in their learning, these children have unique educational needs. Foundational skills taught, learned and applied to life experiences are remembered.  The kitchen is the best place to learn essential math skills.

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Pre-number skills taught by the activities in

Flip 3 Pancakes:





Shape Recognition


Number skills taught by the activities in

Flip 3 Pancakes:






Place Value



Recipes include

Sunny Side Up

Pop to It!

Let it Rise!

Count and Blend

Eat Those Veggies


Meatball Math

Tossed for Ten

Sort My Salad

Square It Up!

Hidden Triangles

The Ants Have It

Orange YOU Great!

Fruit by the Pound

Apple of My Pie

Have No Sphere

The Cost of Colors

The BIG 100!

Buy Me a Fishy

Gone Green

Summer Seeds


Corny Counting

Nuts About YOU!




I just wanted you to know what a blessing it was to hear you speak last night.  I have a second grader and a 19 month old and have been struggling with what to do for math. Thank you for an inspiring evening.  My daughter and I love to cook and I can’t wait to get into your new book!  Thanks again for your wonderful ministry!



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Use curriculum scope and sequences as guides for instruction. Each child is precious and unique in their abilities and talents.