Celebrate Simple is a means of communication to parents pursuing the education and training of their children, as well as the personal blog for Mike and Cheryl Basitan. This site personally updated and maintained by Mike and Cheryl Bastian with the intention of  sharing our story to encourage and inspire others. All content is ours, unless stated otherwise.

No content on this site is intended to be expressed or interpreted as legal counsel. Parents take full legal responsibility for the education of their children. All content is ours, unless stated otherwise.

Celebrate Simple strives to act and react with honesty and integrity on this site and in all we do. We do--as we always have--desire to earn the trust of those with whom we work. We realize much of this trust comes from word of mouth, personal recommendations. We are appreciative of those who promote what we do.

Celebrate Simple only recommends products or services we have used and feel will aid parents in raising life-long learners. Therefore, from time to time we will mention resources in our blog which we use and have benefited our family. Often these resources and products are available for purchase on our resources page.

We realize the needs of families vary greatly. Hence, what has benefited our family may not have the same impact on another family. Celebrate Simple does all due diligence to give honest opinions and recommendations regardless of compensation and will not recommend anything, to our knowledge, that compromises our beliefs. When Celebrate Simple receives compensation for a post, we will be sure to communicate such clearly to the reader.

Celebrate Simple receives compensation through affiliate programs. Affiliate programs means we partner with companies and products we believe benefits families.  We share those products with you and if you purchase said products, we receive a small commission. There is no additional cost to you, Currently, we are working with The Giles Frontier. If you have any questions about our affiliations, please email us. 

When asked to review a product, Celebrate Simple offers an honest opinion and insight to the best of our ability. Furthermore, it should be understood that Celebrate Simple may not necessarily hold the same views or beliefs as the merchants we are affiliated with.

It is our full intent to act and respond honestly and ethically in all we do and say.

Please contact us with any questions.

Last update - July 2017